As Connecticut continues to reopen, residents wondering when they will be able to enjoy a drink at a bar will have to keep wondering.

During a press conference Tuesday, Gov. Ned Lamont said he was “hesitant” to reopen bars and nightclubs due to the challenges they pose to social distancing. He said he is watching how reopening unfolds in Connecticut and neighboring states. But as of yet, there is no particular criteria for determining when Connecticut bars might be deemed safe.

The second phase of reopening, which includes indoor restaurants, hotels, gyms and movie theaters, is scheduled for June 17. Bars would be included in a third phase anticipated in mid-July. A fourth phase expanding the permitted capacity for large outdoor gatherings would occur sometime afterwards.

By Wednesday June 17th, when businesses in the second phase reopen, roughly 95% of the Connecticut economy will have reopened.

Our question, why are bars in the lowest 5% of businesses that are being given the opportunity to start recovering?

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