‎Attorney Jacob A Weil‎ and the Weil Law Group PA have taken the first step in holding the state of Florida responsible for discrimination against bar owners. It is the goal of the plaintiffs in this case to be provided the opportunity to conduct business in a safe and responsible manner during the pandemic.

Patricia Miracle is the founder of bars R essential, a group that has been advocating for bar owner’s rights through the shutdown of businesses. When allowed to reopen her business, she operated in a safe and responsible manner, abiding by the government mandates and was still penalized along with all other Florida bars.

As far as the number of law suits to be filed, Jacob Weil said “More will be added. We wanted to get something filed ASAP.”

The Daytona Beach News Journal did a recent article about the lawsuit that you can read HERE

2 thoughts on “First Law Suit Filed in Florida”
  1. Who do we as owners need to call to get on board with you? Check out Bar Owners Coalition of Northeast Florida. We want to join a already started action or find a lawyer to help us with our class action suit. We as owners are being discriminated against and now Targetted by DBPR asking the public to report us. No other business in the state is getting treated like we are. My cell is 3869832810 for someone to contact our group.

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