Who We Are

The National Bar Owners Association Inc., is a Not-For-Profit Organization. As we approached the final stages of the recent “shut down” of America, we quickly realized other industries had groups fighting for their rights. Subsequently, we saw theme parks, hair and nail salons and gyms all getting the green light to open BEFORE bars. From the hard realization that the bar industry had no support network, we decided it was time to form an advocacy group to fight for the rights of bar owners.

It was our goal to convince state leaders to afford bars the same opportunity to recover from the financial devastation, in the same way restaurants were able to reopen, responsibly.

Some states allowed 95% of businesses to open in some capacity, but not bars. Bar owners are business owners and bar patrons are consumers, just like any other business. To discriminate against bars is unacceptable and we are here to make sure changes are made to insure this never happens again.

Our goal is to build a network of bar owners, employees and even customers so large that legislators will listen when we lobby for change. Constant communication with elected officials and lobbyists will make a positive change for our future.