Our Mission

We exist so that Bars have the same voice, representation and rights as other industries.

Our mission is to fight for Bar Owners rights through advocacy, lobbying and working with local, county, state and federal officials.

Fair Treatment: Bar Owners were unjustly singled out during the 2020 “reopening of America”, not allowing bars to open in most states until nearly all other businesses were given the green light to do so. We are committed to making sure this type of discrimination doesn’t happen again.

Legislation: It is clear some legislation needs to be passed to distinguish different types of bars. Government representatives have indicated that all bars are put into the same category and while some state Governors were concerned about large venues attracting too many people during the reopening, all bars were lumped into the same category. We need to fight to have bars separated into classes based on occupancy. This will prevent smaller venues from being unfairly penalized in the future.

Resources: Our goal is to provide resources to help bar owners increase their profits and better manage their businesses. These resources include discounted products and services (to members), consulting and businesses evaluation services as well as the latest industry news.